SAP on AWS – Specialty exam Prep (Part-1)


I will be attempting to take (PAS-C01) exam in two weeks’ time, here is my journey hope it will help anyone in the future. The exam is a fairly new exam that launched in April 2022, It has 65 questions 50 of which are scored with a minimum passing score of 750 from 1000.

From The exam guide the exam validates an individual’s ability to perform the following tasks:

  • Design an SAP solution that runs in the AWS Cloud in adherence with the AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • Design an SAP solution that runs in the AWS Cloud in adherence with SAP certification and support requirements
  • Implement new SAP workloads on AWS
  • Migrate existing SAP workloads to AWS
  • Operate SAP workloads on AWS

In the next blogs will go through each of the four domains that exam focuses on

Important things outside the scope of the exam

Why do you need to start running SAP on AWS

check out the previous blog post.

SAP offering

The SAP core offerings are divided into three,

  1. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) business applications, and analytics systems.
    • SAP ECC
    • SAP Suite
    • HANA
    • S/4HANA
    • SAP Business Warehouse
    • BW/4HANA
  2. Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions.
    • Business Technology Platform (BTP)
    • RISE with SAP
  3. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings.

SAP license on AWS

Bring Your Own Software and License to AWS without any change.

SAP Support on AWS

To ensure full support of your SAP on AWS environment from SAP and AWS, must ensure below checklist is met:

  • Use AWS EC2 Certified Instance type
  • AWS account that is running SAP workload must have AWS Business Support or Enterprise Support.
  • Enable detailed monitoring for Amazon CloudWatch on each EC2
  • SAP Enhanced Monitoring must be enabled
  • Install, configure, and run the AWS Data Provider for SAP on each EC2 instance. 
  • Use AWS Backint Agent

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