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NCM: Integrate Nutanix X-Play with MS Teams ~Hindawi

X-Play feature enables the automation of specific administrative duties. It serves as a user-friendly tool for streamlining routine tasks and addressing system issues automatically. Through the Playbook feature, users can establish triggers that prompt the execution of individual or sequential actions. These triggers may stem from system events like alerts or user-initiated requests. Configurable actions encompass VM operations, communication tasks, managing alerts, or generating reports.

To set an Action to send a message to Microsoft Teams Channel, you must configure a webhook for your MS Teams channel to allow Prism Central to share content in the Microsoft Teams channel. To configure it, please refer to Microsoft documentation:


From Prism Central Console, navigate to Operations > Playbooks > Create Playbook

Select the required Trigger:

From Add Action, Select “Microsoft Teams

Then Enter the Webhook URL that you have configured for your Microsoft Teams Channel:

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