Accelerate Business Continuity for Hybrid Cloud with Nutanix Leap

A business continuity plan is to identify any and all risks that can affect the company’s operations. main two parameters set by the organization management is acceptable downtime (RTO) and data loss (RPO) for the business in case of an emergence

  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
    • Refers to the acceptable data loss in the event of a failure. For example, if you want an RPO of 1 hour, you’d take a snapshot every 1 hour. In the event of a restore, you’d be restoring data as of up to 1 hour ago. For synchronous replication typically an RPO of 0 is achieved.
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
    • Recovery time objective. Refers to the period of time from failure event to restored service. For example, if a failure occurs and you need things to be back up and running in 30 minutes, you’d have an RTO of 30 minutes.

Nutanix Leap next generation DR Automation and Orchestration

Moving away from Nutanix basic DR capability with protection domain to Police-based backup and DR with Leap, Leap is a service running in Prism Central starting from 5.11. Configuring DR protection policy and recovery plan is very simple with Leap, then you will need to create an Availability Zone that can be managed via one PC (one PC can manage multiple AZ).

The core Leap use cases are as follow

  • Policy based backups and replication
  • DR run book automation
  • DRaaS (via Xi)

Leap Supported Scenarios

Leap Replication typeRPOHypervisor supportCross Hypervisor DR
Xi Leap support
Asynchronous1hr – 24 hrAHV, ESXi YesYes
NearSync1min – 15min AHV, ESXiYesYes
Synchronous 0 (sync) AHVNANo
(Nutanix Protection domains has full Hyper-V support)
Disaster recovery to an on-prem site and Xi Cloud

Leap Requiments and Prerequisites

  • PC per Site with minimum of 4 vCPUs and 16 GB memory ( addtional 4GB Will be hot added to small PC when leap is enabled)
  • Data service IP configured for all clusters
  • Open certain ports in external firewall between sites
  • A clear understanding of application mapping and RPO
  • Retention plan (local and remote)
  • NGT must be installed
  • Check VM OS compatibility
  • Leap XI specific requirement
    • External IP
    • Supported VPN

The next Post is configuring Leap

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