Amazon Q: Your AI Assistant for Smarter Work

Imagine a powerful AI assistant designed specifically for your business. That’s Amazon Q! It uses cutting-edge generative AI to tackle tasks, answer questions, create content, and help you take action.

Here’s what makes Amazon Q unique:

  • Talk it Out: Ask questions and get answers in plain English. It’s like having a knowledgeable co-worker by your side.
  • Custom Fit for Your Business: Connect Amazon Q to your company’s data, systems, and code. Plus, it respects security by personalizing interactions based on user roles.
  • Supercharge Your Work: Let’s see how Amazon Q helps different teams:
    • Marketing Managers: Generate social media posts, draft emails, analyze campaigns, and more – all from a press release.
    • IT & Developers: Get help with tasks, find answers to complex questions, and make sense of technical information.
    • Business Analysts (QuickSight): Uncover data insights faster and easier with your AI data expert.
    • Contact Center Agents (Connect): Deliver exceptional customer service with Amazon Q’s expert guidance.

Amazon Q isn’t just a chatbot – it’s a game-changer for productivity, creativity, and decision-making. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as Amazon Q keeps evolving!

Create Amazon Q application

First we need to give the Application name and service role name.

Next we have to choose a retriever to be used, A retriever fetches documents stored in a search index. When a user asks a question, the retriever finds documents relevant to the query which is then used to generate answers.

Select Retriever

before selecting a retriever, we need to understand the difference between the two options and what benefits of each.

Native Retriever is a tool within Amazon Q Business that simplifies building search applications.Existing Retriever is a custom-built or third-party search tool you can integrate into your Amazon Q Business application.
Purpose: It creates an index that connects to your chosen data sources, making them searchable within your application.
Benefits: Easy to set up and manage
Seamless experience for data indexing and retrieval
Integrates well with supported data sources in Amazon Q Business
Who should use it: If you’re building a new search application on Amazon Q Business and your data sources are compatible, then a native retriever is a good choice for you.
Purpose: It provides more customization and advanced features than native retrievers.
Tailored to your specific needs
Integrates existing custom retrievers or third-party solutions
Handles specialized content or domain-specific searches
Who should use it: If you need features beyond basic search, have a custom retriever already built, or require domain-specific searching, then an existing retriever is the better option.
Retriever is a tool used to create a searchable index for your application.

Data Source

Now will provide a data source for the retriever to index, you can choose up to five different sources. currently there are 34 data sources from either cloud or on-prem data sources.

created new S3 bucket –

application is now created, next step is to deploy the web experience. we can customize title, subtitle, and welcome message.

After uploading the documents to S3 now we can start sync application with data source.

while the application is syncing with the data source, we can deploy the web experience.

for this demo will not deploy Amazon Q web experience as it charges per user however, we can continue using the preview version for free!!!

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