NC2 on Microsoft Azure GA start building Now!

Nutanix Cloud Cluster (NC2) is now GA on Microsoft Azure, whether your use case is to:

  • Build a native Nutanix NC2 on the cloud
  • Extend existing Nutanix cluster to NC2
    • Lift-and-shift your applications to Azure with no re-architecting
    • Rapidly expand on-prem capacity by bursting into Azure
    • Protect Nutanix environment by using NC2 as DR as pilot light DR
  • A single management plane unifies operations across on-prem and Azure

Key features

Azure native services

Easily integrate with your choice of Azure native services such as Azure SQL, Firewalls, Analytics and more to enable mixed mode applications running within your own VNet

Availability in Azure Marketplace

Leverage existing Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) to purchase both Nutanix software and Azure dedicated infrastructure.

Nutanix license portability

Move Nutanix licenses between on-premises and Azure clouds for faster time-to-value and increased


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