Veeam v12: System requirements (Min. & Dropped Versions) ~Hindawi

Dropping support for older software versions is important. In addition, this simplifies the implementation of new features and enables creation of more efficient code. While striving to drop support only for EOL versions which are out of support by the vendor itself (no more security updates), also considering actual usage according to our support big data, and high R&D costs of continued support of certain versions.

PlatformDropped VersionsMinimum Supported Version
Backup infrastructureWindows Server 2008 R2 Windows 7, 8 and some 10Windows Server 2012 Windows 10 (1909 or later)
vSphereESXi and vCenter 5.5ESXi and vCenter 6.0
vSphere VMsNo ChangesWindows 2008 remains supported
vCloud Director9.x and 10.010.1
Hyper-V infrastructureHyper-V 2008 R2Hyper-V 2012
Hyper-V VMsNo ChangesWindows 2008 remains supported
Nutanix AHV infrastructureAHV 5.5 through 5.11AHV 5.15
AHV VMsNo ChangesWindows 2008 remains supported
Microsoft Exchange AAIPExchange Server 2010Exchange Server 2013
Microsoft SharePoint AAIPSharePoint Server 2010SharePoint Server 2013
Microsoft SQL AAIPSQL Server 2005SQL Server 2008
Configuration databaseSQL Server 2008SQL Server 2012

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