Why do you need to start running SAP on AWS

SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software, helping organizations of all sizes and industries track customer-business interactions. AWS has the longest track record running SAP on the cloud started back in 2008, SAP started using AWS as a customer, and by 2012 SAP HANA and Business Suite ran on AWS as a certified production infrastructure.
5000+ customers across industries and geos trust AWS by running their SAP workload on AWS we will top reasons why you should start and migrate your SAP workload to AWS

Main things to consider before running SAP on AWS

  1. Cost
    – When migrating to cloud it’s always important to rightsize the workload before migration, SAP workload is no different.
    – Instead of investing big in hardware infrastructure plan EC2 instance based on SAPS rating, pay for only what you use.
    – Customers can save more when using Standard Reserved Instances or EC2 Instance Saving Plans
    since 2006 AWS services have had 106 price reductions
  2. Innovation
    – Access to 200+ AWS services including IoT, data lakes, AI/ML, image recognition, chatbots, and more.
    – SAP and AWS partner for cloud innovations, from software like S/4HANA, C/4HANA, and RISE with SAP, to exclusive co-innovations hosted by AWS like SAP Concur, Gigya, SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP Data Custodian for AWS.
  3. Performance
    – Flexibility in deploying and changing between certified instances types
    – SAP certified instances from 256GB to 24TB memory
    – Run up to 80,000 IOPS per instance with consistency
    – The AWS Nitro system offers 10-30% higher SAPS than comparable VM instances across public clouds
  4. Infrastructure
    – AWS Global Infrastructure consists of 26 Regions and 84 Availability Zones at the time of writing this blog
    – AWS provides SAP customers with a high-end infrastructure from generation to generation for the latest SAP Hana certified instances.
    – Traditional infrastructure slows down the rate at which SAP customers can innovate, with the ability to scale up and out using a range of supported instances sizes
    – Amazon EC2 scale-up options that can scale from 256 GB to 24 TB of memory.
    – Amazon EC2 scale-out options that can scale out to 4 nodes totaling 48 TB of memory.
  5. Automation
    – Deploy production-ready SAP infra in less than two hours using SAP Launch wizard
    – Backup Hanna DB with ease using AWS Backint Agent with up to 2GB/sec speeds
  6. Beyond Infrastructure
    – Extend the value of SAP data by leveraging AWS services and partners
    – Get new business capabilities without on-premises limitations

Usecases for Migration to SAP on AWS

  • Digital transformation (SAP S/4HANA)
  • Industry solutions
  • Improved performance and auto-scaling
  • Data and analytics
  • Datacenter and technical debt retirement

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