Enable HTTPs to Your Blog For Free

If you host your blog on a machine on public cloud or on your own server, then you will need to enable https manually. By using Let’s Encrypt (letsencrypt.org) A nonprofit Certificate Authority providing TLS certificates to 363 million websites.

They recommend that most people with shell access use the Certbot ACME client. It can automate certificate issuance and installation with no downtime. It also has expert modes for people who don’t want autoconfiguration. It’s easy to use, works on many operating systems, and has great documentation. Visit the Certbot site to get customized instructions for your operating system and web server.

Go to: Certbot (eff.org) , then press Get Certbot instructions

You need to know your website software and OS

If you don’t know your website software, you can check from here: Check Website Webserver (iplocation.io)

Select your website software and on which system, in my example, I selected Apache on Bitnami.

It will give you the guide for how to enable HTTPS for free as below:

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