SAP on AWS – Specialty (PAS-C01) exam Prep part-5

Domain 4: Operation and maintenance of SAP workloads on AWS

4.1 Monitor the underlying infrastructure of SAP environments on AWS for performance, availability, and security.

4.2 Manage the data protection of SAP applications by using AWS native services.

4.3 Perform routine and proactive maintenance activities for SAP applications on AWS.

  • Patch management of different operating systems, SAP applications, and databases
  • Downtime management of SAP systems on AWS
  • Basics of Linux and Windows clustering
  • Architectures and administration for high availability and disaster recovery

4.4 Review and optimize the architecture of SAP environments on AWS on a regular basis.

  • AWS cost and usage monitoring tools (for example, AWS Trusted Advisor, AWS Pricing Calculator)
  • Storage configurations and utilization monitoring for SAP workloads on AWS
  • EC2 instance sizing for SAP applications and databases

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