SAP on AWS – Specialty (PAS-C01) exam Prep part-3

In this third blog will go through Domain 2 in the exam guide

Domain 2: Implementation of SAP workloads on AWS

Different supported deployments of SAP on AWS

  1. SAP on AWS
  2. SAP RISE on AWS
  3. SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)
    This part of exam guide focuses on SAP on AWS deployment types. if you’re doing manual installation, you’ll need to take care of all best practices and prerequisites, which can be challenging.
    The preferred deployment for AWS is to use launch wizard for sap workloads, where wizard take care of all the steps and deploys a production certified solution in a few steps. Different supported software products are SAP HANA database and NetWeaver stack on SAP HANA database.

2.1 Deploy databases for SAP workloads on AWS.

2.2 Deploy SAP applications on AWS

2.3 Configure high availability for SAP workloads.

2.4 Configure the disaster recovery setup for SAP workloads.

2.5 Automate deployments of SAP workloads.

2.6 Validate AWS infrastructure for hosting SAP workloads.

  • Administration of operating systems (for example, Linux, Windows)
    • Performing tests with the HANA Hardware and Cloud Measurement Tools (HCMT)
    • Reviewing instance families and sizes
    • Validating dedicated hardware solution benefits (for example, SAP certified Nitro based EC2 instance)
    • Performing license checks for infrastructure for SAP workloads on AWS
  • Database file system layout
  • AWS network concepts
  • Database administration and security
  • Performance baseline for SAP
    • Performing storage checks by using the flexible I/O tester (FIO) and the dd command
    • Performing network latency tests
    • Validating infrastructure (for example, Well-Architected Review, SAP OSS Notes, certified operating systems, relational database management system combinations)

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