NSX VMware

NSX released

VMware just released the latest major release for NSX, With this release the product name changes from “VMware NSX-T Data Center” to “VMware NSX.

Key Features:

  • N-VDS is deprecated completely on ESXi hosts, VDS has to be used.
  • IPv6 external-facing Management Plane, support for IPv6 UI access, API access, SSH, etc…
  • NSX Distributed Firewall has now added support for the following versions for physical servers: RHEL 8.2, 8.4, Ubuntu 20.04, CentOS 8.2, 8.4.
  • Block Malicious IPs in Distributed Firewall is a new capability that allows the ability to block traffic to and from Malicious IPs
  • License Enforcement – Enhanced feature-level enforcement on NSX Firewall license editions, restricting access to features based on license edition.

Check official release notes.

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