AOS 6.1: Single vDisk Performance Improvement

On the Nutanix distributed file system (NDFS), a virtual disk (vDisk) represents a flat logical storage space that can be consumed by a client (VM or container) in the form of a disk. The system is designed in such a way that it is able to use all the resources of a cluster effectively when there are multiple such vDisks on every node performing I/Os. However, there are times when user workloads don’t span over multiple vDisks. For example,  if a customer wants to migrate from a legacy 3-tier setup with a few huge volumes on Nutanix hyperconverged platform, the storage service may not provide the maximum performance even though there are resources (CPU, disk bandwidth, and memory) available. These use cases are not limited to lift-and-shift workloads; we see single vDisk performance being critical in the following scenarios as well:

  1. Applications don’t support the use of multiple disks.
  2. Benchmarking scenarios during proof of concept compare one vDisk’s performance on Nutanix HCI with traditional systems.

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