Nutanix Security Central: Reduce Risk and Complexity

It should be news to no one that the number of cyber attacks and data breaches continues to rise. More than three-quarters of organizations have been victims of one or more successful cyber attacks.

What about your business? How well are you protecting it against the onslaught of threats?

As applications and infrastructure have evolved — from legacy to virtualized to cloud-native — they’ve created additional layers of complexity and risk. Here’s why:

    • For many companies, the data center infrastructure includes one or more technology stacks of different computing, virtualization, storage, and networking solutions. Often, stacks include products from multiple vendors.
    • Each one of those vendors has a narrow, fragmented view of the infrastructure stack, with an even narrower view of security. A storage vendor may be focused on security within the context of the vendor’s solution, but not within the context of the entire infrastructure. A virtualization vendor looks only at its virtualization solution and related security implications. And so on …
    • The infrastructure silos that result from this complex environment mean that it’s the responsibility of your business to resolve the security gaps and incompatibilities that arise across all of your various component vendors. The burden to maintain adequate security at the infrastructure level becomes more than most companies can handle — there simply aren’t enough cybersecurity experts available to constantly upgrade software, patch vulnerabilities, confirm security configurations, and perform other related tasks across the complex IT infrastructure.

NCM Security Central unifies cloud security operations for your workloads and data on any cloud type while automating incident response with intelligent analysis and regulatory compliance.

  • Automate cybersecurity operations
    • Build an automated, multicloud response dashboard and platform for critical initiatives like Defense-in-Depth and Zero Trust (ZTA).
  • Discover workload vulnerabilities and reduce risk
    • Quickly assess your risk of a security incident by understanding the vulnerabilities in your apps and data before you’re compromised.
  • Regulatory compliance made simple
    • Instantly comply with industry standards using custom audits across clouds from public to on-premises without heavy management lift

Flow Security Central (FSC)

Flow Security Central (FSC) is a SaaS product offering by Nutanix. FSC helps cloud-focused organizations to gain visibility into security compliance status across multiple cloud environments.

FSC helps you to detect and remediate security vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure in near real time. With its event-driven architecture, you can perform detection, analysis, and reporting of over 800 security audit checks that are provided out-of-the-box in FSC.

FSC continuously scans for events generated due to any activity in your cloud environment and automatically trigger (or correlate) security audits based on the nature of events. This ensures that FSC identifies any new security issue as soon as they occur.

FSC also helps you to comply with the regulatory and business-specific compliance policies such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and NIST.

FSC High-Level Architecture

FSC supports the most popular public cloud providers such as AWS and Azure as well as Nutanix on-prem deployments. FSC uses IPFIX data that has been collected from the participating Nutanix clusters (via FSC VM) and securely transmits the IPFIX data to the FSC SaaS. FSC does not collect any customer data.

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